Love Those Lyrics

Welcome to Love Those Lyrics, a music review blog!

I decide to create this blog because I have had the lovely experience of people writing their own music reviews about MY music, and it has really made me feel great to have that experience- so it is my goal to spread that awesomeness to other artists- especially those who are under the radar.  This blog is sun and unique because it’s an artist- writing about other artists!

If you dont know already, I am a lofi musician who plays music under the names Yie Yie and Candle Bird. I’ve been playing and producing my own tunes for a few years now, sharing freely with others online, and I really love it as a great form of free expression. If you’re interested in checking out my songs, you can do so here:

But this blog isn’t about me- its about YOU! The Artist, the Listener…

For me, music has always been a great way to share ideas and to connect to others. Music can be very personable and I think it’s very universal-  so why not share it more and more? That’s what my aim here is- to share my musical discoveries with you all!

I’ll be perusing SoundCloud and Bandcamp in my search for incredible under the radar artists worth writing about.

Thanks for stopping by, lets discover great tunes together and help support these great musicians!