Aging With Grace
Research Project Cited References Information Page in APA format

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I really thought this scholarly journal was interesting because it doesn’t involve medicine, but it look sat Alzheimer’s and treatments very differently, as it tackles the idea of music therapy as a form of treatment.

This first scholarly article on Alternative Medicine and Alzheimer’s disease was chosen because it further analyzes the different herbal options and goes through explaining very well what they are, and what they do to the body and how they specifically help to treat the disease.

I chose to share this webpage because it goes the other route from the former link and provides some tips on alternative treatments that do NOT involve medications/ herbal supplements.

I chose to share this off site link because it goes into some herbal and other forms of natural treatments for Alzheimer’s that might not be well known, it also talks a little about the safety of each treatment option- which is valuable information when diving into alternative treatments.

I chose to share this video because it goes over some topics that were disused in class about new/alternative methods for treating Alzheimer’s with a different approach- which is the preemptive strike of PREVENTION. This video lists some key food groups that will help support health brain functions as we age.

I chose to share this image because it illustrates how Alzheimer’s affects people in many different areas of their thinking and how they interact with themselves and other people.  

I chose to share this image because it illustrates how Alzheimer’s affects people in many different areas of their thinking and how they interact with themselves and other people.  

I chose this second Scholarly article on the concept of aging in place because it really allows the reader to discover the fact that aging in place is indeed becoming more popular as time goes on by looking at the facts presented within this study.

This first scholarly journal goes into further detail about what it means to older people to be able to actually age in place. I liked this journal because it highlights the freedom that aging in place involves…

-this website offers some great ideas about home remodeling that help people make small changes in their home to help them reach their goals of aging in place. This site is neat because it offers lots of suggestions, and room specific changes such as bathroom upgrades you might have not thought about, to kitchen counter top heights and so on. Very neat! v

This link will take you to an offsite address that provides a great resource for someone who wishes to be able to age in place. It offers information on some of the following: Assisted living, elder law, In home care services,  home remodeling to better meet your changing needs, occupational therapy, and so on.

-This video shows how the “village concept” helps other to be able to remain independent for the rest of their lives while they age in place in their own homes- this allows them to stay out of nursing homes.